19th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo 2014

Once again, i’ll be tattooing at the Motor City Tattoo Expo at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, in Detroit, MI. The dates are Feb 21-23, 2014.
For appointments, email me at: jtmillertattoo@gmail.com
It’s always a great show, so do yourself a favor and be there!

For convention info, visit http://www.eternaltattoos.com


8 thoughts on “19th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo 2014

      1. A grim reaper with skulls around it with black smoke on my whole right forearm from wrist to elbow .. I got a water dragon on the inner part of my forearm that I want covered ..

  1. How much would u charge me to finish a medium size henya mask I have on my leg at the expo since right now all it is is an outline since the artist that started it moved outta state an wont finish it for me ??

  2. Or like I said I got a henya mask that I need finished on my left thigh thats a medium size piece an its only in an outline

  3. Any Appointments available I’m looking for a dead tree covering my right side. Black and grey with maybe small color for the leaves. Price range?

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